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You Need to Be in a Mastermind – MANNY TORRES

You Need to Be in a Mastermind

By October 19, 2016Blog
Rockstar Professional Mastermind

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.”- Napoleon Hill

Picture this: one day you’re in business, and the next day without warning, you’re not. In 2007, the company I had been a part of for over four years unexpectedly shut its doors leaving the owners broke and the employees jobless in a turbulent market.

At that time I went into full-on fighting mode with two choices: 1) look for another job or 2) start my own business. To me, the idea of going to work for someone else after what we had just gone through didn’t resonate. I wanted to take back control of my own destiny and had a bigger vision for my career. I decided to make my own way. Luckily, while working for that company, I had always kept a few freelance clients and was provided the opportunity to hold on to a few from my previous company. From that point forward, I have been an entrepreneur and a champion for small business. It’s been nine years since my entrepreneurial journey began and I attribute much of my success to the groups I’ve been able to lead and be a member of. Mastermind groups have been key to my success and ability to remain a self-employed business owner for nearly a decade.


The first thing that comes to my mind when someone says “mastermind” is Pinky & The Brain or The Wizard of Oz, but in reality it can be the difference between barely scraping by and redefining the world as we know it. Mastermind groups were initially started by Andrew Carnegie who wanted to surround himself with a brain trust of other successful peers. He knew that the power of multiple minds far outweighed the power of one. A mastermind group is a group of like-minded people who share a similar vision and goal. The mastermind group offers a creative environment to brainstorm, problem solve, share, and challenge each other. Today you can find masterminds in various formats with various strategies and areas of focus.[] [/]


Each mastermind group will be run uniquely, but they typically have some common characteristics. Mastermind groups will have a portion of the meeting to celebrate wins, discuss issues and learn from the facilitator or members. Many mastermind groups will have a hot seat or focused session where individual members will go in depth into their business or personal life. One of the most important aspects of a mastermind is accountability. Members will leave each meeting with an action or actions they commit to taking before the next meeting. Masterminds meet on varying time frequencies and in various locations both in person and online.


If you are interested in joining a mastermind, the fastest way to find a group is to do an internet search. Consider using other phrases such as executive peer group or business roundtable. You can also ask your connections to see if any are currently part of a mastermind group. If you are in Jacksonville, Florida and seek to be an authority in your industry consider joining our Rockstar Professional Mastermind (RPM) group. Our members have access to our proven marketing system, the Rockstar Professional’s Business Growth Blueprint, as well as our 45+ years of collective marketing experience.


A mastermind group is a great way to improve your business through the experience and wisdom of others. Members of the mastermind provide a sounding board for issues, a think-tank for ideas while allowing you to avoid mistakes others have made and leverage proven tactics which have produced successful results. If you’ve considered joining a mastermind, I highly recommend you take the leap of faith so you can leverage the benefits immediately.


Your success in a mastermind group will be directly attributed to what you put into the mastermind. For best results you should:

  • Lead with others in mind first, use the givers gain mindset
  • Listen and provide full attention to whoever is speaking
  • Attend with a specific goal in mind for each meeting
  • Connect with the members outside of your regular meetings
  • Have an open mind when listening to suggestions, instead of saying “I know” say “Tell Me More”
  • Try everything, even if it is something you have tried or think will not work for your business
  • Leave each meeting with an action item or focus to work on between meetings


In some cases, there will not be a mastermind that fits your needs or that is available. You may need to create a mastermind to accomplish the goals you are looking to achieve. If this is your situation, here are some things to keep in mind when starting a mastermind group:

  • Look for participants with goals and values that align with yours
  • Look for quality not quantity
  • Create expectations, structure and rules before launching
  • Have a platform to collaborate outside of the regular meetings

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and leverage the benefits of a mastermind, take action today and find a group that meets your needs. Click there to learn more about RPM | Rockstar Professional Mastermind group. We are currently reviewing applications to launch our Jacksonville group as well as virtual groups.