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Sharpspring Provides Marketing Automation Alternative – MANNY TORRES

Sharpspring Provides Marketing Automation Alternative

By April 17, 2015Blog
Manny Torres presents to Jacksonville agencies on marketing automation with Sharpspring

I was honored to join Sharpspring for a presentation on marketing automation to a handful of Jacksonville marketing agencies this past week. Rock My Image was one of the first marketing agencies to partner with Sharpspring, a marketing automation provider who caters to agencies. Now Sharpspring boasts nearly 1000 agency partners across the world.

In 2013 when I started to research marketing automation options, I was drawn to Sharpspring for several reasons which differentiated them from their competitors and created a great fit for our agency and our clients:


Sharpspring like our company, was a startup that was new to the market. This provided them with a few advantages that other marketing automation providers lacked including the ability to personally stop by our office and provide a live demo. They also were able to create their platform to be visually attractive and user friendly, whereas some older platforms have a harder time making overhauls to their interface. We were also able to provide feedback and insights on ways to improve the software which Sharpspring not only listened to, but also implemented when viable and valuable to their partners.


Sharpspring allows us to create targeted forms which cater to prospects at each stage of the sales funnel. We can create low-level forms with a single field, or complex forms for deeper engagement. Each form can be bolstered with auto-responders and custom drip campaigns and workflows. Leads can be assigned to campaigns to ensure ROI is attributed to the correct source allowing for improved projections and budget allocation.


Behavioral marketing reviews the actions of leads and utilizes that intelligence to create communication that is catered to each individual lead. Behaviors such as page views, forms filled and media viewed can be tracked and appear in the life of the lead. Custom lead scoring helps determine the likelihood a lead will convert into a sale.

Interested in adding marketing automation for your business? Contact me to schedule a demo.