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Are You Distracted? – MANNY TORRES

Are You Distracted?

Do you get distracted?Today, like many other days, I found myself asking my son to focus and do what I asked him to do. After I ask him to do something, he typically moves towards the task, but gets distracted by one of many potential options along the way.

He is young and he is learning that if he wants to do the things he wants to do and if he wants to get the things he wants to get, he needs to listen to his parents and teachers.

Be Honest With Yourself

If I were to look at your goals and tasks, would I find you being distracted?

It’s common for entrepreneurs and business owners to get frustrated when they are not reaching their goals. They feel that they are not doing enough, or they need to find some complicated solution.

Less is More

Ironically, many times the answer is not to do more, but to do less and focus.

Today I reached out to a group which I belong to. My purpose… to seek an accountability partner.

I know that much like my son, I can be distracted by shiny objects or tasks that are not important. By finding an accountability partner, I have added a safety net. I will be checking in each week to report on my actions and to ensure I have accomplished the tasks I committed to take.

How do you keep yourself accountable?

How do you ensure you are taking the right actions?

If you find yourself finishing your week and realizing that the main priorities on your list are still staring you in the face, then maybe it’s time to find someone to help you stay accountable.

Who Can Be Your Accountability Partner?

  1. Mentor – If you have the right mentor, he/she will be transparent with you. They will expect your best and call you on it if you do deliver on your promises.
  2. Coach – A coach like a mentor, will have high expectations. Depending on the coach, they may also be able to uncover the reasons why you are procrastinating, avoiding or coming up short.
  3. Mastermind – A mastermind is a group of like-minded professionals who support the growth and prosperity of each other. Masterminds can be a great way to find creative solutions to hurdles and challenges. The additional benefit of a mastermind is that it provides support and a place to celebrate victories.
  4. Peer – Peers in your industry can be the perfect accountability partner as they are aware of the unique struggles your industry may present.
  5. Business Partner – A business partner works well as an accountability partner when you have distinct roles in your business.
  6. Kids – Kids are one of the best accountability partners, especially if they are younger. Imagine if you told your young son or daughter to ask you each day if you had accomplished your task. If you didn’t, you would have to answer why as well as provide a reward to your child. You can be assured, that you will have someone to answer to each day.
  7. Significant Other – A wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend provide accountability without being too close to the source. This separation is helpful as it removes the ability to justify excuses.
  8. Social Media – You don’t need a single person to improve your accountability. Leverage social media to declare your intentions and have an army of accountability partners. This works especially well for a goal that has a close deadline.
  9. Group/Organization – If you are part of a team, group or organization, consider asking one of the members to be an accountability partner. This will provide regular check-ins since you see them on a consistent basis.

Looking For Accountability?

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